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DBK Custom Swords & Scabbards, LLC

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  DBK Custom Swords - Custom Handmade Sword Scabbards

DBK custom scabbards begin with a handmade poplar wood core, wool lined, and lacquered for protection from moisture. The core is custom sized & shaped inside and out to the individual sword for a precise fit. All of our high-end scabbards are diligently crafted for a smooth draw & sheathing of the blade, every time. The premium oak tanned leather is carefully measured to size, with each detail taken into consideration. We also hand-stitch all of our work for a historical look & feel. Dye colors are applied via a multi-step process to assure of a smooth transitional blending of color. The end result is a stunning and artistic scabbard to compliment your sword in a historic fashion.

The finest finished leather is a DBK standard.


  • Custom Scabbard Build ~ Base Price $495 plus shipping 
    The options below are in addition to this base price.

    Each scabbard we make begins with the following that is included in the base price:

- A handmade custom fit lacquered wood core
- Natural felt wool for a smooth draw, and a protective fit
- Premium hand-stitched custom fit oak tanned leather

- Your choice of dye colors - (unique color requests may be more, please inquire)

Below is our list of options to complete your scabbard order that is not included in the base price:

The links (in light blue) in the options list below are examples of our work, and are not necessarily your only style option. Feel free to inquire about custom options in various styles.

- Scabbard risers (ridges or ribs molded into the leather of the scabbard)
- Tooling (leather patterns / decorations / incised lines) fee is time based
- Antiquing / Two-tone coloring (enhances tooling, with a distinguished antique look)
- Campaign Worn (Light) or Campaign Worn (Moderate) (a buffing process that creates the look of an aged or campaign worn leather)
- Stitched leather cross guard flap (rounded or triangular)
- Terminated leather throat (no leather cross guard flap)
- Single-belt complex integral suspension harness - specify buckle style or French tie 'thong' style
- Single-belt, double-integral, complex integral suspension harness
Single-belt, single-integral, double-spiral, complex integral suspension harness
- Single-belt, double-integral, double-spiral, complex integral suspension harness
- Double-belt complex integral suspension harness
- Longsword (2.5-point) suspension harness (a 3rd buckle is behind the scabbard throat that connects to the belt strap, after passing through the main buckle)
- Strap Bridge / Slider for 'Viking' type scabbards, fee is time based
- Integral Belt Ring
- Historical buckles & belt tips (strap ends)
- Historical buckle plates
- Belt decor pieces
- Round head nails inserted into scabbard
- Chape  - Metal - Click here for variations. Custom chapes can be made as well.

Custom work will vary in price, please contact us for a quote on your custom scabbard.


Why go with a DBK custom handmade scabbard?  Each scabbard is individually planned and put together by hand using traditional historic methods, including a hand-stitched seam up the back, and not glued or machine done. The design, detail, and leatherwork that goes into each scabbard is unique to the individual commission, and not mass-produced. Every step is carefully considered for the functionality & aesthetic outcome, including the draw, sheathing, and angle the scabbard will hang from the hip. In short, we consider each scabbard an artistic project and take great pride in each and every one, one at a time.

It's all in the details - The DBK Philosophy. Click here and read about what makes a DBK scabbard, well,  a DBK!


Then the king looked upon the sword, and liked it passing well. "Whether liketh you better," said Merlin, "the sword or the scabbard?" "Me liketh better the sword," said King Arthur."Ye are more unwise," said Merlin; "for the scabbard is worth ten of the sword; for while ye have the scabbard upon you ye shall lose no blood, be ye never so sore wounded ; therefore keep well the scabbard alway with you."




(video above: provided by a sword-less scabbard customer demonstrating his result's after receiving his commission. DBK does not guarantee a perfect fit, as humidity, climate and other such unforeseen circumstances can affect the fit. Every attempt will be made however for the best fit possible be it sword-less or not.)




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