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  DBK Custom Swords - Ordering

For anything and everything, contact me (Brian)
for a customized invoice, quote, or to place an order:

(Email is the best way to contact me)
Phone or Text: 801-831-5098
(please leave me a message or text me if I do not answer, I will get back to you asap.)

If you're new to all of this but you're definitely interested in my work, please contact me and I will help you through the process. Please have a look at my 'Pricing & Options' page for more information on the ordering process.

DBK will accept custom scabbard orders in multiple ways:

A - Directly from you
($150.00 non-refundable deposit required per each scabbard to reserve your position in our queue.)
You ship the sword to me, and I will ship it back to you when your order is completed.

B - Sword-less scabbard orders**
($150.00 non-refundable deposit required per each scabbard to reserve your position in our queue.)
Shortly before production will begin, I will require the deposit to meet at least 50% or higher of the value of the commission as collateral.
I have on hand select Albion sword models I can use to make your scabbard. This eliminates the need to ship a sword to me, shipping the sword back to you, and saving you some money in the process. All the while you get the same great looking scabbard we always make without the worry of shipping. Only shipping charges one-way apply, from me to you.

C - Swords sent to me directly from the maker/manufacturer
($150.00 non-refundable deposit required per each scabbard to reserve your position in our queue.)
You can have a maker ship directly to me and I will hold onto your sword with impeccable care, and I will ship your commission to you when your order is completed.


Deposits are applied towards the final cost. Shortly before you're position is due up in the queue, you will be notified to ship your sword to me, and we will discuss metalwork needed for the commission. I normally require the sword approximately 4 weeks before production begins, or sooner if extra special metalwork is needed for the commission. Some circumstances for custom work may even require your blade longer to complete the build. As always, communication will be open and frequent to keep you abreast of progress.

Upon accepting and completing your commission, I will email you a secure virtual invoice which you can pay from. This invoice is sent through PayPal Merchant Services to your chosen email account for a secure, fraud protected procedure. PayPal membership is not necessary for payment. It is quite simply one of the most secure, and best ways to assure of reliable payment.


DBK Custom Swords, LLC

5586 Capitol Reef Dr
Taylorsville, UT 84129-1709

Phone or Text: 801-831-5098
(Due to enormous Robo-Spam-Calls I get, please leave me a message or text me if I do not answer, I will get back to you asap.)

Email: brian@dbkcustomswords.com

Utah resident's are subject to sales tax

**Sword-less scabbard orders; DBK Custom Scabbards are built using the sword models I have on hand to fit that very sword. Our process requires a sword in order to shape the wood core to the blade, and other physical variances such as the shape of the guard that require a physical example on hand in order to build the scabbard to a proper fit. It must be noted that these scabbards are built with a more 'forgiving' fit compared to our normal scabbards. DBK does not guarantee the fit on these scabbards as there is no way to be sure the manufacturer didn't change or grind the blade differently from my own, causing a drastic enough variance to eliminate any chance of the scabbard fitting both swords. This is especially the case with Albion's hollow ground blades, as the grinding process varies more frequently from blade to blade. Furthermore any requests made by the customer to attempt a 'proper' or 'normal' fit is done at the customers own risk of their own sword not fitting at all. In any event DBK Custom Swords will not refund your money in the event your sword does not fit.

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