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Heroic / Fantasy / Alternative Scabbard Gallery

~ Epic Fantasy Scabbard Builds ~

Please enjoy browsing the galleries of DBK

The scabbard's pictured below are just some of my examples of custom work, and are not necessarily specific to any certain sword model. Much of what I do can be duplicated, and in many cases modified to fit a differently sized scabbard.

Albion Regent Medieval Fantasy Sword Scabbard    
Albion Regent - 2021    
Collin Millers Dragonslayer Sword Scabbard Collin Millers Dragonslayer Companion Dagger Scabbard Albion Atlantean Destroyer Sword Scabbard
Collin Millers 'Dragonslayer' - 2020 C. Millers 'Dragonslayer' Dagger - 2021 Albion Atlantean Destroyer - 2021
Albion Mercenary Medieval Sword Scabbard Albion Crecy Lord of the Rings LOTR Faramir scabbard John Lundemo Fantasy Viking Sword Scabbard
Albion Mercenary - 2019 Albion Crecy - 2019 Ludemo Fantasy Viking - 2019
Albion Ljubljana Sword Scabbard Albion Atlantean Sword Scabbard Albion Fathers Sword Scabbard
Albion Ljubljana - 2018 Albion Atlantean - 2018 Albion Fathers Sword - 2018
John Lundemo Sword Scabbard Jody Samson Dagger Scabbard Castle Keep Medieval Sword Scabbard
John Lundemo Blade - 2017 Jody Samson Dagger - 2018 Castle Keep - 2018
Albion Atlantean Destroyer Sword Scabbard Rick Barrett Sword Scabbards Albion Laird Sword Scabbard
Albion Atlantean Destroyer - 2016 Rick Barrett Blades - 2016 Albion Laird - 2017
CF Borderwatch Sword & Scabbard Albion Conan Father's Sword Albion Atlantean Sword Scabbard
CF Borderwatch - 2014 Albion Fathers Sword - 2015 Albion Atlantean Sword - 2015
Albion Sovereign Albion Conan Fathers Sword Scabbard Albion Conan Father's Sword Scabbard
Albion Sovereign - 2013 Albion Fathers Sword - 2014 Albion Fathers Sword - 2014
  Albion - Conan the Barbarian Fathers Sword Albion Vigil Scabbard
  Albion Father's Sword - 2012 Albion Vigil - 2013



Albion Swords

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